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JC Sandalwood Partner

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World market leader in the sandalwood industry

Our Australian partner Quintis is responsible for the sustainable cultivation of our JC Sandalwood plantations.¬† The company was founded in 1997 (at that time as “TFS”) and has since then become the world market leader for sandalwood. Today, Quintis manages sandalwood plantations with a total of approximately 13,000 hectares and is the only company in the world that cultivates sandalwood on a commercially significant scale in a sustainable way. The Quintis Group also owns the world’s largest sandalwood distillery, and Quintis is also the only producer of sandalwood oil on a pharmaceutical niveau. The other end of the value chain is also being developed further, i.e. the production of sandalwood, the processing and refinement of sandalwood oil and wood products up to the development of end-products (e.g. cosmetics, remedies etc.). Since 2010, a handful of international plantation investors have been invited to expand the plantation areas, such as the Abu Dhabi State Fund, the Harvard University Endowment Fund and the Church of England. J√§derberg & Cie. also belongs to this group.

Restructuring of Quintis

Due to a necessary restructuring, Quintis’ business was privatized at the end of October 2018 (with new shareholders, including BlackRock). Background information on this restructuring can be found in this report.

Our team on site

The experienced managers and employees of DFK Gooding Partners are entrusted with the operational management, such as the accounting and tax functions of the Australian JC Sandalwood companies. DFK Gooding Partners also maintains the unit register of JC Sandalwood investment vehicles. During our sightseeing tours with our investors and distributors, we regularly give participants the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes when visiting DFK Gooding Partners and Quintis. The employees of both companies will be happy to answer any of your questions. The impressions of the trip 2019, for example, will provide a first insight.