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About Sandalwood

Adored. Desired. Rare.

More than a holy tree

Sandalwood is one of the most valuable tropical hardwoods in the world. More than a billion people use sandalwood, the sacred tree of the Hindus, regularly for cultural, ritual and religious activities. Its healing properties and its scent make especially Indian sandalwood oil a very sought-after raw material for high-quality perfumes, natural cosmetics and pharmaceutical applications with a verifiable effect.

Threatened by extinction

The worldwide demand for high-quality Indian sandalwood has led to the fact that the wild growing tree is threatened with extinction. The unbroken demand has not been satisfied for a long time. The official supply of sandalwood in its original habitat Asia has decreased by almost 90% in the past ten years. India was the largest producer of sandalwood for a long time. There, despite strict export regulations and media-effective measures to protect against smugglers, the freely growing sandalwood stocks have been reduced so dramatically that sandalwood has been protected as an endangered species for decades. Until today, only a fraction of India’s sandalwood supply is cultivated on state or private plantations.

Sustainable cultivation in Australia

Since 1999, Quintis has been cultivating sandalwood on plantations in Australia in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible way. This is the only way to preserve sandalwood and make it usable in the future and the only way to meet the demand for sandalwood in the long run. In order to have a noticeable positive and sustainable impact on the environment, the plantations are afforested in the form of mixed forests that support groundwater, fauna and flora. Monocultures are avoided as well as genetic manipulation of the seeds. This ensures the survival of the Indian sandalwood tree in a sustainable way and promotes nature conservation.

Raw material monopoly

The great discrepancy between supply and demand has developed over the past decades because the natural tree population has become almost extinct, for example, due to illegal over-exploitation in India – the largest supplier of Indian sandalwood to date. The exploitation community around Quintis, to which we (and therefore our investors and co-investors) also belong, is now replacing India as the traditional “monopolist” for Indian sandalwood. There are no significant new competitors in sight due to a well-founded and long-standing knowledge lead. This unique supply situation offers extraordinary opportunities: both for us and our co-investors as well as for the recovery of the freely growing tree population.

Would you like to learn more about this fascinating natural resource?

This video and info overview will give you a good overview of the sustainable cultivation of sandalwood on our plantations in Australia as well as the different applications of sandalwood oil and sandalwood products.

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